Caring for Clip-In Extensions

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Before you hop into bed take off your extensions and gently brush them.

Before hitting the sack be sure to take out your extension and detangle them by brushing gently. Asides from clip-in extensions not being as tough as sewn-in extensions, your scalp can get sore from the tiny combs of the clip-in pricking your scalp.

Your extension should be washed using a mild shampoo and conditioner once a month. Try to detangle your extension before you wash. 

Prepare a tub or bathroom sink by filling it with warm water and place your extension in it to dampen them. The fibers of the extension should be gently massaged with a small amount of Shampoo for a few seconds. Do not use hot water during this process as you could damage them. Gently squeeze and rinse properly. Do the same process using the conditioner.  

  •    A wig shampoo would serve best if you have synthetic fibers.
  •    However, mild shampoos and conditioners should be used for real-hair extensions. Or you could make use of a shampoo made for extensions.
Put out your extensions to air dry, remember not to comb them when wet


Using a soft towel, pat the extensions dry and spread them on a hanger you use indoors. You can get them to dry by placing the hanger in an area with good ventilation or air dry in your shower. You can then style or brush the extensions after they are dry. You’ll have curly fibers if you brush when it is damp.

Use combs with a wide tooth for extension combing

It is important that the extensions are dry before you start combing. Start from the ends when you begin to comb, working to the top of the extension gradually. Do not use the top down approach.

If your extensions are styled often, make sure they are always moisturized.

Apply a little leave-in conditioner when you comb your extension. Be careful not to apply too much or you’ll end up with greasy uneven layers between your natural hair and the extensions.

Be careful when you have your extensions heat-styled

When using synthetic extensions, straightening or other heat based styles like curling should be avoided. Use a combination of low temperature and heat protecting spray if you can’t help but heat style your clip-in extension.

  •    If you want to heat style, be sure to dry your extensions.
  •    Your extensions can become tangled if you blow dry.  Avoid doing that.
  •    Clip the extensions to your hair only after you have had them styled.

To reduce style time and possible damage, I advise that you buy two sets of the same clip-in extension. This way you have one set for straightening and another set for curling.

If an extension was designed for a ponytail, wear it in that style

When you buy new extensions, be sure to pay attention to the labeling to confirm if it can be used in a ponytail. Some extensions do not hold up well in a ponytail. Using the extension in a ponytail when the labeling doesn’t clearly say so isn’t such a good idea.  

Use fabric softener and water to straighten synthetic extensions

To get the perfect solution, mix water and fabric softener in a spray bottle using one portion of water to two portions of fabric softener. Shake well and spray extensions with the mixture. Work through small sections at a time and as usual, the ends should be tended to first as you work your way up. Be sure to straighten the extensions using a comb that is wide toothed.

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