Everything You Need to Know About Remy Hair Extensions

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Remy Hair Extensions

This blog post is written to give you an insight of the Indian Remy Hair extensions and inform you about the components and origin of this unique hair extension. These interesting facts about Remy Hair Extensions will give you some clear insight on why your locks do such an exceptional job at making you look more radiant and beautiful.

What Exactly Is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is the main parts of the lower and higher ends of hair which are kept in a natural form. The silky strands of the extension make it possible for the cuticles to work in the same directions as it enables the hair to maintain a smooth and beautiful outlook. One unique feature of this extension is that it does not twist quickly because of its roots and this makes it possess a smooth touch and facade.

The Remy Hair extension displayed on our website had a silky appearance and known to be soft with calm waves. Examples are the Loose Curly Indian Remy Hair Weave which has embraced by various persons of different backgrounds as it possesses an excellent body wave texture. More people want to know the real origins of this hair extension.

Where Does It Originate? 

Remy Hair Extensions originate from India where they practise head tonsuring. This is an age-long religion that represents one's pride to God. It is a way of life that was accepted by various persons to give their hair to God as a mark of respect in appreciation for answered prayer requests. Various individuals participate in this practise, these include men, women and kids of different age groups. Once the cut hair is offered, it is then collected.

Where Does It Go?

Once this cut hair is collected, they are moved to a distant factory where their sizes will be separated. They are also tagged and placed in a bunch for storage. The hair will undergo the process of hackling in which it is untangled and transformed into single strands. The hair will later go through the process of cleansing and conditioning till it is free from all forms of impurities and uncleanliness.

The reason why the hair passes through the process of conditioning is to assist the hair in keeping its natural form. Once the hair has been certified clean and silky, it becomes the Remy Hair Extension which you can find in our online store.  

Other hair extensions not made from the stable of Remy Hair extensions are known to have inferior quality as they get entangled easily because their lower and upper ends are attached. The Remy Indian Hair on our website are natural, silky and smooth in nature. It enables you to have the additional hair length and the depth you truly desire.

The essence of this write-up is to clear all doubts and misconceptions you have about the Remy Hair. Take pride in your beautiful locks, knowing that you now have a greater insight in the rich history behind them.


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