Washing Your Synthetic Hair Extensions

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1. Mild Shampoo Works

When making a purchase for a shampoo, the shampoo ought to be unique for a particular type of synthetic hair. Making use of a shampoo for synthetic wig could alternatively be used for synthetic extensions. In any case, if the shampoo for synthetic hair is not readily available, using a mild shampoo would be suitable.

It is imperative to have a full understanding and proper knowledge on the type of shampoo used. Not all shampoos are mild neither are all strong. Therefore, when you want to acquire one, endeavor it's free of "sulfates,” which is known to be a strong cleansing agent. Making use of shampoos without sulfates would be of great benefit to the hair.

If you want to purchase a shampoo for synthetic wig and extension, at any wig store, you should purchase the one that will indicate you wash the synthetic hair if it's noticeably smelly or dirty. Be that as it may, it is advised not to wash the hair frequently as this does nothing but weaken the hair.

    2. Make use of a wide tooth comb to gently comb out tangles.

    Making use of a wide comb won’t have so much adverse effect as with a comb with smaller teeth. When combing the tangles, gently start from the root of the hair and gently comb upward.

    Gently spray the hair with water making use of a spray bottle. Make use of your fingers to detach the tight curl pattern, this won’t cause any damage to the hair and neither will it destroy the curl pattern as it would be if a comb is used.

    If It’s easier and less stressful to comb a wig or clip-in extensions. All you need do is to purchase a wig block, place the wig on its block and comb.

      3. Fill a sink bowl with water.

      The water ought to be cool to tepid – (NOT hot). Ensure that the water is not very hot or it may influence the smoothness or surface of the hair. Fill the sink to a level sufficiently high enough to inundate the greater part of the hair in the water.

      If your hair extensions do not clip in, or in the event that you would prefer not to remove them to wash them skip to step 4, which advises that you gently wet your hair, then apply the shampoo as you would do on an ordinary day.

        4. Pour a capful of shampoo formulated for synthetic hair in water

        At that point mix two capfuls of shampoo with the water. Use your discernment to choose if one or two capfuls would be adequate. You shouldn’t utilize shampoo excessively since you don't want the shampoo to strip the hair of any coatings that make it glow as well as stripping it of its texture.

        Applying too much shampoo can leave the hair dull.
        Once more, in the event that you need to wear hair extensions while you wash your hair, wet your hair as you ordinarily would.

        At that point, apply about a capful of cleaner specifically to the hair and disperse it across the hair.

          5. Place the wig or hair extension into the water.

          Endeavor that the hair gets soaked completely. Drive it down under the water if need be. In the event that the hair is not sufficiently wet, at that point, cleaning the hair with the shampoo won’t be effective.

          If you're putting on your hair extension, then skip to step 6 and softly apply the shampoo.

          6. In order to get a positive result, it is advised to swish the hair around in the water as this aids in beating the hair without having to scrub.

          Continually do this until the hair is totally clean. Tenderly massage the shampoo into your hair. It is imperative to note that rubbing it can lead to tangling of the hair. Continue to massage the hair until the hair is clean. Gently rinse the hair with cool water.

          7. Making use of cool water can assure you that your hair would still be in a good state as unlike making use of hot water. So continue rinsing until all the foam has flushed out and the water runs clear.

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