ClipHair Nail Tip / U-Tip Pre-bonded Remy Human Hair Extensions (50pcs)

  • £31.99

Truly stunning 100% silky straight Remy human hair extensions, 18 inch Lightest Blonde pre bonded with keratin nail tips/u-tips for easy application and removal.

Each strand of extension is bonded with the highest quality Keratin. Keratin is the safest natural bonding agent available. It can be removed from your hair easily without causing any damage to your natural hair.

Materials: selected 100% remy human hair and highest quality keratin
Total 50 strands per pack
Weight: 0.75g/strand
Colour: Lightest Blonde (#60)

Hair extensions can be applied by using Shrinkies and Micro rings and nail hair can be used with most heat connectors, which can be treated exactly the same as your own hair.